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Bellefonte merchandise is here

Tee shirts and photography featuring Bellefonte’s signature attractions and events are now available. Order now!

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Small Town, Big Appeal

Well-preserved Victorian charm. Emerging local food and drink. Historic and artistic significance. Renowned outdoor recreation. Have you been to Bellefonte lately?

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Eat, Drink, and Dine Local

Two things compliment a sensational town best: Great people and great food. Lucky for you, we have both! Experience the authentic Italian cuisine or a café’s baked-with-love pastries.

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Love the Place that You Call Home

A growing community with affordable homes, local organizations, outstanding schools, and great people. There’s only one thing missing… you!

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experience bellefonte

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Airmail Pilot Charles H Ames - Lost to the Nittany Mountain range in 1925

Ames vanished on October 1 en route to Bellefonte from New Jersey on a night when clouds sagged below the Allegheny peaks.

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Bellefonte's Civil War Walking Tours

Designed to engage everyone from fervent Civil War nerds to mildly curious folks just looking to learn a bit about where they live.

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Imagination Celebration 2020 - A Surreal World Virtual Summer Camp for All Ages

Release the creative potential of your mind as BAM focuses on the 20th century art movement, Surrealism.

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Thomas Edison and his visit to Bellefonte’s Markland Hotel

You've heard of the world famous inventor but do you know of the Markland Hotel?

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Was the Gettysburg Address a Bellefonte Guy's Idea?!?!

Some maintain that it was Curtin himself who urged Abraham Lincoln to say a few words to the crowd that day.

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The Haag Hotel: A vital link between early Bellefonte and the Victorian era.

While many of our local men were off fighting in the Civil War, a new and elegant hotel was built.

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The Mystery of a Ukrainian in Bellefonte: Can You Help?

Maybe local people can help out a guy whose distant life is somehow intertwined with our own in a roundabout way.

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The Mysterious Life & Death of a Bellefonte Soldier

Remembering a Bellefonte Pennsylvania African-American soldier who served and died in the Civil War.

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Sunnyside Paddling Park – A Hidden Gem for Boaters

Nestled on Spring Creek beside Tussey Moutain Outfitters, you'll find one of Bellefonte's best kept secrets.

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The Mills Brothers & Bellefonte

An internationally well-known band, The Mills Brothers, have roots in Bellefonte; however, their historic story begins with their grandfather and the Underground Railroad.

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