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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania

Dawnyelle Sweeley


For residents of Bellefonte, owning a 19th century home just comes with the territory.

These beautiful expressions of history, however, often require an extra dose of dedication to their upkeep. For Bellefonte resident Billie Jo North, the decision to put in the hard work on her own home was not taken lightly.

Situated at 375 E Linn Street within the charming historic district of the Bellefonte Borough: the house that North references with utmost adoration.

With an asking price of $409,000, the elegant 3-story façade only predates the stunning interior, a 4-bedroom, 4-bath token of Bellefonte’s flourishing Victorian era, but with one deal-making exception. While traditional in appearance, the residence does not possess any of the standard infrastructure concerns associated with older homes.

North, the current owner, had resided there for over 10 years, during which time her family worked to completely renovate any potential problem areas. Storm windows, screens and doors shield the interior from drafts, while heavy insulation and an updated ventilation system adjust temperatures accordingly. Heating costs are less than a third of what they once were, and new electrical and plumbing systems erase outdated issues. Additionally, the exterior of the home was recently repainted. 

As for what initially brought North to the Bellefonte area, the previous State College resident is frank: “The house.” She explains that she wanted something large, beautiful and loved the idea of raising her then-infant daughter in a small school district. Further, North emphasizes that the location was ideal—on a beautiful street with “lots of kids and friendly neighbors,” not to mention within walking distance to school and downtown.

The selling point, North says, came down to the house’s appearance. She recalls the immediate beauty of the stone exterior and, upon entrance, the stunning woodwork and stained glass window.

Her favorite room? After converting the entire third floor into a master suite, complete with a new master bath and rotating closet, North admits that is where she prefers to spend the most time. The bedroom also has excellent storage space for shoes, she adds, indirectly zeroing in on all shoe lovers’ greatest weakness: nowhere to keep them all.

When asked what type of buyer would be best suited for the home, North explains that after all of the renovations that occurred during her 10 years there, she’d love to see someone who truly appreciates fine craftsmanship be the next in line.

Due to size and room numbers alone, the house also offers a high degree of versatility, a feature which North remarks she certainly utilized to suit her personal needs.

To a question of what she hoped the next owner would make good use of, North thinks for a moment before responding, “the porches.” Indeed, the house features enough porch space to satisfy every morning coffee sipper’s wildest dreams.

While it’s difficult for her to pinpoint an exact word to explain her love for the house, its location and its beauty, North wants potential buyers’ greatest takeaway to be, quite simply, that “All the things that you’re afraid of with an old house have already been fixed.” To her, it’s important that the buyer knows that this is not any degree of a “fixer-upper,” but rather a gorgeous, well-renovated space to be enjoyed without worry.

For hassle-free lovers of stunning design, abounding space and charming location, the house waits patiently.

To learn more and schedule your own personal showing of this home in the Historic District of Bellefonte, call Dawnyelle Sweeley at 814.880.4812 or visit

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