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Cramer Farm’s CSA is taking on new clients for the 2017 season


350 Crust Road Howard, Pennsylvania 16841

Diane and Bruce Cramer


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By Jayla Andrulonis

Over recent years, the popularity of farm-to-table restaurants has soared as a societal shift of consumers wanting to know and appreciate where their food is coming from has taken place.

The basic appeal of the farm-to-table movement includes not only knowing where the food comes from, but accessing fresh nutritional food without preservatives, and supporting the local business economy in the process.

The only thing that beats farm-to-table is farm-to-doorstep, which is exactly what being part of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) can provide.

And if it’s Cramer Farm’s CSA, they’ll even make it a farm-to-workplace if that’s more convenient for your schedule.

In its tenth year of operation nestled in Nittany Valley, Cramer Farms is preparing to take on new clients for the 2017 season and looking forward to growing—not farming.

“I always say farmers work on tractors, growers work on their hands and knees, and that’s definitely what we do,” said Bruce Cramer of Cramer Farm & CSA.

The CSA at Cramer Farm runs for roughly 24 weeks (May-October) and provides a weekly share of 8-12 freshly harvested, quality items right to your doorstep each Friday.

To say the CSA is a food-lover’s dream would be an understatement. Each week, a customized email is sent out to clients detailing what items will be included in the week’s share as soon as they know what’s ready for harvest.

Consistent with the reputation to go above and beyond for clients, Diane Cramer includes recipes and ideas for how to incorporate the different produce into the emails each week. The Cramer’s say the CSA proves to be very successful for people who love to cook and enjoy the experience of eating their way through the growing season.

Each week’s share is “Farmer’s Choice”, so although they are not fully customizable, any allergies or issues can be accommodated.

The share is sized for a family of four (two adults and two children), but the Cramer’s say that they have some clients that make it work for a family of six and others split the share amongst singles. With clients who are creative in making the share work, the Cramer’s have found that this share size is the best for ensuring the quality of the harvest they can provide.

The Cramer’s are more than willing to bend over backward to ensure the CSA experience is a valuable and convenient one for their clients.

This includes opening up their farm to clients the first Saturday of every month, so they can tour the farm and operations, and are able to build community.

Not only is this an opportunity to get an even closer look at where the fresh produce is coming from, but also a chance to put a face to a name and build friendship in a world that needs to slow down sometimes and get back to its roots. Both figuratively and literally, being part of a CSA provides just that.

The cost per 24-week share is $600 and space is still available to join.

For more information visit or call 814-883-1564 and be sure to follow Cramer Farm’s Facebook page at

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