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A Fall Semester Spent in Bellefonte

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Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823


A few months ago, if someone told me I would be interning in Bellefonte I would have asked, “Where the heck is that??” Now, I am happy to say I have spent 2 days a week, for 2 straight months, in this quaint town.

When driving here for my interview at Loaded Creative and, I had no idea what to expect of the small “suburb” of State College. In fact, until that day, I had never been more north than the Nittany Mall. As I got closer to the town I started comparing it with my hometown, Johnstown, a small town with a lot of history as well.

As soon as I turned onto High Street, I realized Bellefonte had a lot more to it than I would have ever imagined. It is nothing like State College - from the little shops, hair salons and unique eateries on every block to the incredible architecture, tree-lined streets and Talleyrand Park, Bellefonte definitely has its own personality and I was eager to explore. I was in awe at how a little town, so similar to my own, was jam-packed with so much charm.

The more I came to Bellefonte, the more I loved it. It felt like a little escape from hectic college life, its warm and inviting community caused me to feel comforted and relaxed right away. Everyone I met could not have been more proud and eager to tell me about the exciting developments or their personal contribution, whether large or small, in adding to the town’s future. It is not hard to notice the abundant amount of incredible people extremely passionate about what is/has been/and will be the face and shape of Bellefonte. The positive steps this town has taken and its return on investment gives me hope for small towns everywhere, especially my own.

I will really miss Bellefonte. The flavored lattes at Cool Beans have become a highlight of my morning, and being a 1-minute walk away from a local pizzeria has helped me get through some days. I hope to continue some occasional escapes from “the city” to enjoy the fresh air and ambiance Bellefonte so perfectly provides.

Keep up the good work, Bellefonte.

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