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A Summer Intern Experiences Bellefonte


My name is Marie and I'm from a couple of miles away in Boalsburg. I'm a rising senior at Gettysburg College, studying Organization and Management and was fortunate enough to spend the bulk of my summer interning with Loaded Creative and

Having only ventured to Bellefonte for the occasional dinner at Jim’s, annual cruise, or a mass at St. John’s, I have truly enjoyed the time I’ve spent immersed in this unique and close-knit community. I quickly learned my way around town and started to feel comfortable in this semi-familiar, yet new, place.

The 3-day a week commute always gave me a nice scenic drive which ended with a stretch along Spring Creek, turning onto the budding West High street and then to my destination; the non-meter spots on Spring street! Coming from the State College area, we don’t have the grand architecture of the buildings and mansions or the walkable waterfront park that are literally right outside the windows of Loaded Creative’s office.  

One of my favorite parts of Bellefonte is the lack of chain stores and the abundance of locally-owned shops that make up the majority of the town. The push for shopping local is well appreciated and utilized around Bellefonte and it’s easy to see the people here, even the businesses, encourage and support one another. The uniqueness and sense of community that is created by this is enviable.

Throughout the summer I was able to research and get to know a lot of these businesses and I can truly say that Bellefonte has A LOT to offer. It may take some digging and looking around, but it’s there. Bellefonte deserves to be enjoyed and appreciated by visitors and locals alike. There’s no other town like it.

The history, hospitality, beauty, and community can only flourish as Bellefonte continues to grow and prosper. I’m thankful for the summer that Bellefonte offered me and am looking forward to visiting as much as possible in the future.

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