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Artists and Doodlers 'Chalk the Walk Bellefonte' on July 1st!


Downtown Bellefonte Bellefonte , Pennsylvania 16823


814.355.1501 ext. 216

Bellefonte First Sunday is only 6 months old at this point, but it continues to gather steam as a day to highlight the downtown area in hip and fresh ways. And July's will be no exception.

On Sunday, July 1st, aside from all the other events and activities happening, there will be opportunity for kids and grown-ups alike to show off their street art savvy by participating in the first annual 'Chalk the Walk'. Dreamed up by the local visionaries who comprise Downtown Bellefonte Inc., 'Chalk the Walk' will add a welcome splash of vibrant art to the High and Allegheny area.

In a lot of ways, you almost have to wonder: is this yet another perfect fit for First Sunday in this town where art and community lie at the heart of so much?

It sure seems like it might be.

So here's the deal; it's super easy for you, your friends, your kids, and/or your business to get involved. First, you simply purchase a sidewalk square online, here, or at the registration area at the Centre County Courthouse (on the sidewalk on Allegheny Street). It's only $15 per big section of sidewalk and all the proceeds will be going towards Downtown Bellefonte Inc. (Check out their Facebook page to read all about what they're up to). Participants can purchase one sidewalk square… or a bunch. It's basically just a matter of how much art you've got in you.

However, on the off chance that you feel like you have absolutely no artistic talent at all, don't worry. The Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County has got you covered. Besides generously providing all the chalk for the day's event, the museum folks have also come up with a fantastic way for people to participate even if they can't draw so much as a stick figure.

When you purchase squares at registration, you can choose to be paired with a local professional or student artist. And? Well, ahem… you an sit back and let them create the darn thing for you.It's brilliant! Imagine this scene: you sitting in the shade sipping lemonade while a real artist chalks a masterpiece in the middle of your stretch of sidewalk. This way you still direct funds towards all the good that Downtown Bellefonte Inc. does around here, but without having to embarrass yourself with some kind of hideous attempt at a Bart Simpson chalk disaster, if you catch my drift.

So if you're sure art is not your thing, there is that option.

For the rest of you, remember this much. The magic at the heart of this whole idea is that it's supposed to be fun. Yeah, we are raising money for an excellent cause and yeah, Bellefonte is chock full of fabulous artists who are better than me and you, but that's just part of it. Let's not lose sight of the ball here, people.

Kids love drawing with chalk on sidewalks for one reason and one reason only.



That's it: plain and simple. In this world it is awesome fun to create temporary harmless art where none existed before. Art made with your kids, with your friends, art that other people will see and enjoy if only for a short time.

Oh… and I almost forgot. There's one other reason to get involved with 'Chalk the Walk Bellefonte' on July 1st.


That's right, there will be prizes for each square in the following three categories: Business/Organization; Non-Business/Organization; or Family/Children. The judging will be done by some pretty sophisticated eyes too. Locally-based world-renown artists Susan Parsonage and Kim Gates Flick, will both be on hand to help decide the best of the best, as well as Mayor Tom Wilson, himself.

Come be a part of it all, get your hands a little dirty, and create something lovely that will be gone just soon as the next thunderstorm rolls through town.


'Chalk the Walk Bellefonte' fundraiser Sunday, July 1, 10am-3pm.
Online Registration: Click here
Day of Registration: Centre County Courthouse sidewalk on Allegheny Street


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