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Bellefonte Moth: Ghost Stories - Friday, October 14th at the Bellefonte Art Museum


133 N Allegheny St. Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823


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Speak with enough people who’ve lived in Bellefonte for any extended period and you’ll find a lot of them probably have a ghost story. The others definitely know someone who does.

It seems some of the Victorian town’s history has maintained some spiritual presence within many homes and structures that have been here for more than 100 years. The evidence, and entertainment, are these stories.

Some of them will be told on Friday at the Bellefonte Art Museum as part of the museum’s Out Loud series where the Bellefonte Moth will hold a ghost storytelling session at 7:30 p.m. Sponsored by the Bellefonte Historical Cultural Association, the event will be open mic format and organizer Patrick North encourages anyone who has a story to attend.

“We are definitely looking forward to some local stories,” North told “And they really run the gamut. Some of them are more serious and historical in nature and some of them are just funny stories.”

There is a requirement:

“All of these stories in the Moth series need to be true stories and actually relate back to the person telling them,” North said.

The fourth installment of the Bellefonte Moth poetry reading, Friday’s event will feature some of the best storytellers Bellefonte has to offer. Participants are encouraged to go deep with their stories.

“The folks who have signed up so far are just a terrific, terrific group of storytellers. Definitely reminds you that storytelling is a real art form,” North said.

“Just the whole idea of storytelling is sort of a lost experience for a lot of people. We don’t sit around campfires like maybe we did in generations past. So it’s a fun way to experience that but especially because it’s Bellefonte, and we’re talking about ghost stories. You’ve got these houses that are 100 years old, 150 years old and anyone you meet on the street can tell you the last 10 people that lived in whatever house you’re in and they’ve got stories about your house. These stories aren’t just 10 years old or 20 years old, some of theses tories are 100 years old so it’s kind of a unique scenario for storytelling night.”

If you have a true ghost story and want to share it on Friday, email Patrick North at

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