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Bellefonte Wok Has Insanely Good Chinese Food and FREE BFT Stickers!!!


111 S. Allegheny Street Bellefonte, PA 16823


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By Serge Bielanko

I know, I know.

Of COURSE you've eaten at Bellefonte Wok. The place is an institution. Those egg rolls. That Won Ton soup! OMG... that hot mustard?!?! You know the kind in the little packets that you crimp-rip open with your teeth because your fingers are so greasy from sliding chicken off the skewer (like six of them!)?!!?

But listen, there are always at least a few folks who live in a town, maybe even have grown up there, and yet...for whatever bizarre reason, they've failed to experience certain landmarks for whatever reason. Its true, you know. There are New Yorkers who have never been up the Empire State Building. There are Parisians who have never climbed the Eiffel Tower. Still, the very notion of a Bellefontonian (yes, that's my word...TM) having never EVER sat their butt down in one of Bellefonte Wok's booths and looked out the window onto lunchtime Allegheny Street with a mouthful of General Tso's Chicken teased with Diet Pepsi is missing out on one of the best American traditions this fine, weird land has to offer.

Calories and carbs made us people! They DEFINE us! And Diet Cola? Well don't even get me started. The Mississippi River ought to be Diet Coke if you ask me. And keep 'em coming too! Big plastic cups of cool refreshing Lord-knows-what all jacked up with machine ice and washing down one lovely, filling gulp of Wok specialty after another on a hot summer's day (or a freezing winter one for that matter) is one of the things that makes America greater than most of all that other crap we seem to worship.

I guess what I'm getting at is this, you guys.

Bellefonte Wok basically the kind of place you go go to if you like to eat insanely good food cheaply...and lots of it.

Can anyone say: buffet?

Whoa whoa WHOA THERE!!!! Whoa, doggy, WHOA DOWN!!! You almost crushed me under that stampede! Haha! But I get it. We are Americans and GIVE US ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT-BUFFETS OR GIVE US DEATH, BY GOD!!!!!

Well, you're in luck, Hungry Patriot. Bellefonte Wok's buffet is about as good as it gets. Yes, they have a salad bar. No, you won't likely even SEE it, because your eyes don't actually SEE salad when there is a hot stainless steel prairie of ASSORTED LO MEINS AND FRIED RICES AND CHOP SUEYS AND EGG FOO YOUNGS ALL LAID OUT THERE BEFORE YOU LIKE A STEAMING BATTLEFIELD OF HARD-WON SPOILS!!!

Salad! Ha. Pffft. Whatever!

This place is legendary, I'm telling you. The service is awesome. They seat you and then, if you're into the buffet, they simply take your drink order (DIET SODA!!) then set you loose out in that hot delicious wilderness. Soon you're riding a clean white plate down through dumpling canyons and broccoli forests...(don't worry: the broccoli has thick SAUCE on it) as you hunt the elusive BBQ Rib with a well-used pair of deadly ancient tongs.

Obviously you don't HAVE to have the buffet if you don't want it. You can choose from the Wok's long illustrious menu if that's something you prefer. But...well...I don't understand.

Anyways, listen up. I don't need to sell you on Bellefonte Wok. If you don't already know, you're likely in prison or dead and so you ain't getting there any time soon regardless. But what I can hip you to, my fellow Wokkers, is this.

Right now....and probably not for very long....if you head into the Wok and eat, you can get yourself a free BFT sticker courtesy of the fine folks at Bellefonte Wok and us here at It's our teaming-up way of saying thanks a lot to you, the community...OUR community. For eating in our joints. And for buying from our small businesses.
It means so much to us. These BFT stickers represent your love of all things BelleFonTe no matter where you go in the wide open world.

So let the masses know who you really are!

You love tiny hot mustard packets and Diet Coke!

You love all-you-can-eat buffets more than your own Mom!

And you love FREE stuff!!!!

Get your sticker now only at Bellefonte Wok and only while they last. Which won't be long, dumpling.

***Get your free BFT sticker while supplies last @ Bellefonte Wok***
11 S Allegheny St., Bellefonte, PA

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