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BFT Small Business Spotlight: Brother's NY Style Pizzeria


102 N Allegheny St Bellefonte , Pennsylvania 16823

(814) 355-5581

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This is the sixth article in a series spotlighting some of the local businesses in Bellefonte. Pop into one of these participating businesses- Alleycat Quiltworks, Bella Vino Wine Bar, Jake’s Cards & Games, Iron Star Trading Company, M&M Copy Service, Brother's Pizzeria, Pizza Mia, Elite Edge Athletics, Wireless Made Simple, Blonde Bistro, Bellefonte Art Museum or Bonfatto's- starting on Small Business Saturday, November 24th (and for a limited time after), to pick up your FREE BFT decal. It's our way of saying thanks for supporting all the independent shops and eateries that help keep Bellefonte so remarkably unique.

It's the most wonderful time of the year over in the Big Apple. The city is alive with the kind of original electricity that only endless cities like New York can ever muster up. The hustle, the bustle, the cacophony of taxi horns bleating like overgrown sheep hollering at the murky winter sun. Over in Rockefeller Center they're ice skating under the most famous Christmas tree in the world. Out front of Macy's, kids- old and young- stare in wonder at the magical window displays that only come this time of year.

Indeed, the streets of Manhattan are filled with hungry shoppers. And there are about a million awesome pizza places to crave their desires.

Lucky sons of guns.

Then again, I guess that's just how it goes, huh? Everything in life is a trade-off in a way. You want to have access to more good pizzerias than you could ever dream of? Well, you'll have to move to the big town. And that might not be for you.

Still, we're kind of lucky here, I suspect. Unlike darn near every other town you might wander into at some point in Central Pennsylvania, Bellefonte is 'blessed' with some good pizza. (Can pizza be a blessing? I don't know. But if it can't be, well then it OUGHTA be, of you ask me!). And one of the best pizzerias around here just so happens to have New York right there in the middle of their name.

I'm talking about Brother's NY Style Pizzeria, 102 N Allegheny St. It's the perfect spot to duck into this time of year when you've been out hitting the pavement, shopping for holiday gifts until your feet are screaming bloody murder, your stomach is starting to feel like its eating itself, and your hangry levels are through the wintery roof. Sometimes the only thing that can possibly stem the combo of that strange rush of excitement that blends with that irked feeling of having just spent way more on presents for other people than you promised yourself you'd spend, is straight-up at least four slices of piz-erapy. Which is short for Pizza Therapy. Which is a word I made up to drive home my point here.

And my point is this. You''ll thank me later for pointing you towards Brother's. The front windows alone are enough to let you know you're in the right place at the right time. Every year they're decorated perfectly in tune with the coming of the holidays.

Who is responsible for all that talent, I wondered? Is it the pizza maker out there in the cold making sure that, once again, Brother's front window is among the best in town?

Uhhhh. nope. It's even cooler than that.

"We are lucky to have Bellefonte High School art students paint our window for the holidays," the pizzeria's Holly Maldonado confides in me. And that's a pretty remarkable revelation too, I think, because those kids do one heck of a job on that every year now. I'm not sure who they are or how many of them help out, but my guess is that it's probably worth some free NY style pizza in the end. I mean, great art and great pizza, they kind of go good together, huh?

But pizza isn't all that Brother's NY serves up. Oh no no no. If you're hungry, or even if you're picky you're absolutely famished BUT you're also being annoyingly particular about what you want, I'm still pretty sure this place can satisfy your idiosyncratic cravings.

Cold subs? Check.
Hot subs? Yep.
Salads? You bet.
Okay...what about....I dunno...MANICOTTI? Yes.

Okay, they don't have 'sasparilli'. But that's only because I made that word up, people. No one has that. Not yet anyways. Give 'em a week or two though.

Point is: Brother's NY Style Pizzeria in Bellefonte has been serving up Big Apple-style thin crust pizza to the Centre County masses for a while now. Since 1996, to be precise. Which so much experience that they've even gone so far as to figure out that sometimes they just need to bring the whole pizzeria on the road, so to speak. Especially around the holidays with all these office parties and get-togethers. So they developed a whole catering service that enables them to offer up sub and wrap platters, pizza, salads, and more for all your Yuletime gatherings.

Give them a try if haven't already. You know you love pizza. And you know you're hungry. And you know you're always looking for a new joint to have lunch or dinner in, too.

"We have many repeat customers, but always enjoy meeting new customers," Maldonado says.

Stop in soon and you can even grab yourself a BFT sticker absolutely free of charge. It's's way of saying thanks to each and every one of you who supports this town's small business community. Stick it on your car or your laptop or even your kid's forehead to show the world how much you love Bellefonte, PA.

Just don't stick it on your slice of pizza, okay?

That would be a tragedy.

Happy Holidays.


Brother's NY Style Pizzeria
102 N. Allegheny St.
Bellefonte, PA 16823

Monday – Friday  10:30AM – 10:00PM
Saturday 11:00AM - 10:00PM
Sunday    12:00PM –10:00PM

Tel: 814-355-5581

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