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BFT Small Business Spotlight: Elite Edge Athletics


3013 Benner Pike Bellefonte , Pennsylvania 16823

(814) 571-5025

(814) 571-5025

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By Serge Bielanko

I'm not even going to go there. I'm not, I swear. This time of year you start hearing about 'New Year's resolutions' and 'losing weight' and 'getting back into shape' and blah blah blah to the point where even the cliche of it all has become a cliche, you know?

Fact is: something like 90% of the people who make that resolution to hit the gym hard (or at all) in the new year go maybe three or four times. Then they never go again. Work. Kids. You're tired. I know. We know. It's the same old song and dance. And don't get me wrong: it's okay. It's perfectly understandable that almost everyone who WANTS to be in better shape will never get there.


Well, because the difference between 'wanting' a thing and actually going after it are two very different phenomenon indeed. But you already know that, huh?

I figured as much.

Still, you are very much alive. Me, too. And 2019 could be the year. Not the year of talking about change but the year DEFINED by it.

If that's you, if you think that might be you. Then keep with me here, okay? Please. Because there's a place now, a newish place, and it's the kind of place where you can define a very new you if you're up for it.

I'm talking about Elite Edge Athletics. Located right outside downtown Bellefonte at 3013 Benner Pike, Elite Edge is the culmination of local husband and wife team, John and Ashley Kmiecinski, two experienced pros who WANT to help people like you achieve the goals you set for yourself. For real. Look, this isn't some regular gym where you plop down your hard-earned bucks every month and then drag yourself up on a treadmill that tries to launch you through the mirror'd wall in front of you either. If that's what you're after and you know that's what is right for you, by all means, head in that direction.

But if you've been struggling with time to exercise. Or getting motivated. If you are never quite sure exactly what you're supposed to be doing when you work out, or how often, or even what to eat when you're not working out, which is...let's be honest: MOST of your life, then the Kmiecinski's are the folks you've probably been waiting for for a long long time without even knowing it.

See, Elite Edge Athletics takes a specialized approach to health and fitness, one where you are top dog. Instead of hiding over behind the dumbells at the gym and watching the beautiful people spend three straight hours on the stair-climber, Elite Edge makes sure that each time you come through their door, you are a focal point of everything that is happening between their walls.

What's it all about exactly? Good Question. I laid that same one on co-owner, John Kmiecinski.

"We offer by appointment personal training with myself and Alyssa," he explains. "We also offer 27 Surge classes per week."

Wait, what? Surge? Ummm...okay, what's that?

"Surge is a high intensity interval class designed to challenge a wide range of fitness levels," Kmiecinski notes. "Our programs are designed with success in mind, to provide consistent, challenging, and fun workouts. Our personal training programs are built around each clients strengths, weaknesses, goals, and abilities. And our facility is packed full of functional training equipment such as battle ropes, medicine balls, concepts 2 rowers, weight benches, boxes, bodylastic resistance bands and boxes. We teach your body how to become the machine."

Did you copy that last line there, Professor Protagonist?!?!

"We teach your body how to become the machine."

That sounds cool, doesn't it? And it reeks of success and goals met. Which is why Elite Edge is a pretty unique and important part of the local fitness scene now. In their newish space along Benner Pike they have a ton of room for personal training and Surge classes. But just because a place exists doesn't mean that you or I feel comfortable simply waltzing in there and announcing that we are tired of gasping for breath and hammering home a dozen cookies right before bed almost every night, right?

Fitness is friggin' scary, man! It just is. And it's about time that it's okay for most of us to admit that. So what does Elite Edge Athletics say to someone who is really curious about getting in there and trying things out but just isn't sure about any of it? Can you help a nervous person calm down about just what the Elite Edge experience entails?

"Absolutey," Kmiecinski assures me. "We offer gift certificates, free consultations and free trial Surge classes. For some people personal training is a step outside their comfort zone. Many of our personal training clients never worked out in the past or have very limited fitness backgrounds. Our programs are built towards success and designed to pick them up right where they are at and progress them to where they want to be. Our current clients range from 10 to 75 years of age."

That's quite a cross section of your fellow Centre Countians who took a chance on Elite Edge and stayed committed, huh? Think you could fall in there somewhere with them? My guess is: yep, you sure could. It all makes sense when you think about it. A community like Bellefonte needs a place like this where certain people who know precisely how to help other people feel good about themselves again. That is a beautiful thing to be able to provided people with. And after some time spent in distant locales learning the ropes of the complex health and fitness industry, the Kmiecinski's, are really grateful to be able to bring it all back home here.

"Bellefonte has been absolutely incredible," says John Kmiecinski. "Through Elite Edge my wife Ashley and I have met so many amazing people and look forward to meeting many more."

Okay then.Let's say someone out there reading this is motivated enough to give this a go. What's on tap for Elite Edge in the near future? What's hot and happening?

"Be different in 2019," Kmiecinsk ugrges. "If you came up short, or failed in the past try something new. All of our services are conducted by a certified fitness professional. We will insure your performing all of the exercises properly, motivate you when you need it, and help you achieve your fitness goals. We are launching our first annual Surge Fit Challenge! "Are you Surge Fit?" January 7th 2019.

Surge Fit?

Is that a cult?

"No! It's a 16 week body recomposition challenge and we are giving away 4 top prizes of 250 dollars each for a grand total of 1000 dollars! Surge fit includes: 27 classes per week, meal plan, lunch services, proven fitness programs (Surge 45 & Surge 30), state of the art In-Body Composition screens, and Taste of the Town healthy menu."

Okay, there's a lot going on there.

But isn't that whole point of all this fitness stuff to begin with? Aren't we supposed to begin to feel like everything we do in an effort to better our bodies and our minds ultimately becomes more of a lifestyle for us as opposed to a 'situation' where we're nervous and overwhelmed and uncertain because we're nervous and overwhelmed and uncertain?

You're darn right it is. And this is your year if you let it be.

No more cliches. No more kidding yourself. Swing into Elite Edge and talk to John or his wife, Ashley, or Alyssa, personal trainer extraordinaire, and ask them as many questions as you can think of. They want to share their knowledge with you, that's why they opened up here in Bellefonte. This Christmas, give yourself that long lost gift you have craved for so long.

No, not an original 1966 fully restored Country Squire station wagon, you dork! Give yourself some Peace of Mind. You know you deserve it. And you know that it's probably waiting for you out along the Benner Pike.

When you stop Elite Edge, make sure you grab your free BFT sticker too, okay? It's's way of saying thanks to each and every one of you who supports our area's vibrant small business community.

Happy Holidays!


Elite Edge Athletics
3013 Benner Pike
Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823

(814) 571-5025

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