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BHCA's 'Summer Sounds' Concert Series Wraps Up with Eventide

Eventide summersounds

Talleyrand Park Bellefonte, PA 16823

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By Serge Bielanko

One final Sunday evening out in the setting sun is never a bad idea. Not 'final' as in 'well, guess who croaked last night?!', of course! I sure don't mean it like that; I hope that you love at least a hundred more years. But I mean 'final' as in: summer is almost gone, people. Like it or not.

So we get one more chance to sit out in Talleyrand Park in a warm twilight and listen to some local folks play music for us. No charge. Free. Again. Courtesy of the folks at the Bellefonte Historical & Cultural Association. This Sunday, August 11th, at 7pm, the Gazebo in the middle of Talleyrand Park will play host to the last band of the 2019 Summer Sounds Concert Series, Eventide. Formed by a couple of Centre County buddies, Ray Gephart and Mike Yohe, back in the late 70's, Eventide has been playing their acoustic rock for people around here for a long time. Even if they did take an extended break at one point.

They're back these days and this Bellefonte show will be a bittersweet one in a way. Because it isn't every town that manages to offer up a wide variety of free music to the people across an entire summer. There's so much that goes on around here that is almost too easy to take for granted. But let's not let that happen, okay?

If you see just so happen to run into JoAnn Knupp, BHCA Chairperson of Concerts in Tallyrand Park, or Bonnie Leathers or any of her fellow Summer Sounds Committee members, let them know that you are grateful for all of their hard work and efforts this year. All of these folks behind the scenes helped recruit musicians to come and play for you because of one reason. They love Bellefonte and they want it to be a place where anyone, from anywhere, can come and feel included in a community that prides itself on moving forward together rather than becoming a town divided along the many lines that divide too many American towns these days.

I suspect that the BHCA folks will help wrap the cords up and pick up any litter and put away the PA system and perform a million other little tasks when the last Eventide song is fading away on Sunday night, same as they always do. Then they'll probably take a week off to decompress, to remember what a fantastic season it's been this year, before they get right back to work next week calling musicians, getting permits, lining up donations, just making sure it all happens again next summer.

Head out this Sunday then. Listen to some guys plays music like they've been doing longer than many Bellefonte people have even been alive. Then fold up your lawn chair and head up the street for a drink or a burger, and contemplate living in such a cool place as this one.


The 38th Annual BHCA Summer Sounds Concert Series
Sunday, August 11th at 7pm with Eventide
At the Gazebo in Talleyrand Park, Bellefonte, PA.
Lawn chairs and blankest suggested.
If it rains, concerts will be held at St John Lutheran Church, 216 N. McAllister St.

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