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Don't Miss the Last Saturday Night Movie in the Park for 2019!

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Talleyrand Park Bellefonte, PA 16823

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By Serge Bielanko

One last time and the summer rolls out.

But what a year it has been, huh? This was the very first full season that the Bellefonte Women's Club GFWC (BWC) decided to offer up free Hollywood classics to one and all and it has proven to be even more successful than anyone could have imagined. Starting way back in June, the ladies of the club worked tirelessly to make certain that each of the 7 films they would show across the summer of '19 would be a source of happiness and entertainment for as many folks as possible.

Actually, their work began way before that. I remember interviewing Women's Club member, Karen Truesdale, last summer about the origins of this whole idea.

"I had heard quite a number of years ago that the idea of starting a project like this had been circulating around the community. However, nothing ever happened," Truesdale explained. "Last year, I posed the idea to the members of the BWC and they had encouraged me to look into what it would take to start something of this magnitude."

The rest, as they say, is history. Truesdale and her committee brainstormed and investigated and researched how to put big famous films up in the park for free. And then they even got to the point where, last year right around this time, they were about to do a trial run...their very first Movie in the Park night ever.

Nerves were mangled.

Hopes were high, but decidedly reserved.

Would the public show up?!

Would the equipment work?!

Would the popcorn popper pop?!?!

Will it rain?!? (It did)

"I will be so relieved and hopefully extremely happy when the morning of September 16 rolls around!" Truesdale exclaimed late last July when I asked her about her shaky anticipation. "I have a wonderful committee working with me on the project, otherwise I could not have done all of this without them and their wonderful ideas."

So to be standing where these ladies are all standing today, staring down the barrel of the very last film for the year, we owe them a milkshake toast, I'd say. They've done something remarkable for our community by volunteering so much of their time and effort in order to make these Saturday nights special for young and old alike.

This Saturday, September 7th, the BWC will flick switches at dusk one last time until next summer. The movie will be Wonder. "Based on the New York Times bestseller," IMDB reports, "This movie tells the incredibly inspiring and heartwarming story of August Pullman, a boy with facial differences who enters the fifth grade, attending a mainstream elementary school for the first time."

It's a film aimed right at the hearts and minds of all of our kids returning to school. With plenty for us parents to ponder as well.

Annette Fetterolff has been a main player in making this dream become a reality in 2019. As the chairperson of the Saturday Night Movies in Talleyrand Park planning committee, she has been as immersed in bringing the film nights to Talleyrand Park as anyone. And she tells me that it has been a real community collaboration.

"We appreciate the generous donation of First National Bank that provided for an outdoor theater system that delivers audio throughout the park and adjacent sidewalks, "says Fetterolff . "Our Fair Lady Bed & Breakfast, Bellefonte Elks Club, Historic Bellefonte, Inc., Candice Dannaker, Big Spring Spirits, and more than 30 local businesses and organizations provided financial support that helps with movie licensing and other costs. The movies are truly a community activity and would not be possible without the support of the Bellefonte Borough, Bellefonte Family YMCA, Bellefonte Police Department, Centre County Library and Historical Museum, Bellefonte Intervalley Chamber of Commerce, Centre County Convention & Visitor's Bureau, and the numerous volunteers who help with each event."

There you have it then.

So many good people have made this all possible this summer. So come close the season down with a massive turnout, whaddya say? Let the ladies of the Bellefonte Women's Club see just how happy they made people this year. They deserve to know.

And then...hopefully...they'll get started on next summer's movies before the first leaves fall.

Thanks so much, ladies!


Saturday Night Movies in the Park: Wonder
Saturday, September 7th. Talleyrand Park
7:30 pm. All movies begin at dusk.
Bring chairs, blankets, snacks, and flashlights.
Hosted by Bellefonte Woman's Club GFWC






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