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Downtown Bellefonte: A perfect place to relax, restock and re-energize after time in the saddle


Bellefonte, Pennsylvania 16823

The network of roads, rail trails, and paths that weave through Centre County are a cyclists dream. Not only do they make for hours of riding, it’s a way to see and feel the character of many of the area’s communities, from town to country. In the Fall, the roads and trails are humming with two-wheeled activity anywhere from Philipsburg to Rebersburg. And at the center is Bellefonte ­­– a perfect place to rest, explore and re-energize after time in the saddle.

There are a number of rides immediately surrounding Bellefonte that are local favorites because of the scenic views they offer along with the lightly trafficked and challenging roads. (Emphasis on challenging.)

For rolling hills and fast descents, ride Barnes Lane via Spring Creek Road. Continue up Rock Road, on Fox Hill past the airport, and loop back on Valley View via Fillmore. Tip: Don’t forget to look up and take in the beautiful scenery. You’re on Valley View after all.

For steep climbs look no further than Upper Gyp and Armgast Roads, accessed from either Valley View or Buffalo Run Road. Disclaimer: Grunting, cursing, drooling, and/or whimpering may take place. If you’re cycling with a buddy, feel free to celebrate, hug, or maybe have a good cry at the top before you decide to go for round two.

For a great long climb take Purdue Mountain Road via either Fillmore or Upper Coleville Road. Tip: Full disclosure, Purdue Mountain Road is intimidating. So don’t be embarrassed if it takes a planned mid-ride treat to get you to the top. A personal favorite is homemade frozen Zucchini bread. It’ll be perfectly chilled by the time you get to it.

Whether you’re ready for a midway pit stop, a pick-me-up after pedaling or just a change of scenery, park your bike in downtown Bellefonte and explore what town has to offer. There are a number of shops, restaurants, and cafes to checkout, all within a minute’s ride from Talleyrand Park and the new waterfront walk.


Here’s a helpful list of a handful of places to seek out in downtown Bellefonte. For a complete list of businesses and services in Bellefonte, follow this link

Sugar Cravings? Grab an amazing desert at one of these new establishments: Dam Donuts.

Want a jolt of caffeine to get you back on the road? Try Cool Beans Coffee & Tea

Need a drink (for those sore legs)? Saddle up at The Governor's Pub, Good Intent Cider, Big Spring Spirits or the new Happy Valley Winery Cafe on the Park.

You’re sure to find something savory, from salads and sandwiches to Italian dishes or pizza to Chinese. Grab a pizza at Pizza Mia and Brother’s NY Style Pizzeria, comforting Italian food at Mamma Lucrezia’s and The Blonde Bistro, a sandwich at The Diamond Deli or Chinese food at Mr. Lu’s Bellefonte Wok

If you need some essentials like sunscreen, Band-Aids, sports drinks, or energy bars, Plumb Drug has your remedies.


Next time you’re out for a ride, make a point to experience downtown Bellefonte. It’s a one of a kind place to recharge for the next climb.

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