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Happy & Fit in the 'Fonte: 3 Words of Fitness Advice For The Upcoming Holiday Season


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With the holiday season quickly approaching the last thing that might be on your mind is your fitness routine. This time of year signifies the beginning of exciting events happening inside our Bellefonte community and with our closest friends and families. It is however, the perfect time to start planning your holiday fitness heist and your January 1st getaway. Here are 3 not so common words of advice.


Your daily routine is soon going to be bombarded with school breaks, holiday parties, and family gatherings. Saving time while not sacrificing the quality of your routine is very important. Try focusing on a functional approach to fitness and combine some of your basic movements together.  For example, instead of doing lunges and bicep curls separately, combine them into one movement with a pause after each.  Exercises like this example will not only save you time at the gym but improve other aspects of fitness such a core stability and balance.


Less time for fitness means less time for burning those extra calories your probably going to consume throughout the holiday season. High intensity interval training is a very common method used today and is perfect for the time crunched fitness enthusiast.  Switch up your steady paced 45-minute cardio sessions with 12-15 minute high intensity sessions. Your work to rest ratio will vary depending on your fitness level but a good place to start is a 1:3 ratio. For example this could include a 30 second sprint on the elliptical followed by a 90 second jog. This concept will help you burn those extra calories and save you time at the gym.


Keeping your fitness routine simple throughout the holiday season is without a doubt the most important aspect for this time-crunched part of the year. Complexity can be the sum of all failures and creating a simple fitness plan is a good way to stay on track and enjoy the holiday season.

Preparing for moments like the holidays is all part of a successful fitness journey. The challenges we face this time of year should be all but regretful. If you had trouble in the past, create a new plan. If your plan isn’t working, switch it up or find a professional to help you through. At Elite Edge Athletics we understand the challenge and are ready to help!

John Kmiecinski M.S., CSCS, NASM, PES, NASE, USAW1
Elite Edge Athletics

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