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So Much to Do and Eat (and Drink!) on 'Friday in the 'Fonte'


Bellefonte, PA 16823


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By Serge Bielanko

If you're anything like me (and for your sake: I hope you're not), you wait until- like- July 1st to put away all the kids' winter coats and hats and boots that have been clogging up the coat rack and entry way since last Halloween. Why do I do that? Why do I wait so long? It's simple.

I don't want to jinx everything!

You know what I mean? I know darn right well that as soon as I take up a couple of scarves (that no one ever even wears anyway) to the attic...BOOM. Early May blizzard dumps 7 inches on Centre County. Am I right?! You know I'm right!

But that said, maybe this year is different. I'm feeling...I dunno...springier this year. Things are blooming now; my kids are playing baseball; the whole world seems to be assuring me that winter is indeed gone for now. And in that spirit, all tingly with a lungful of fresh late April air, I raise my eyes to the blue blue skies, smile at Mr. Robin up there in the oak tree, and holler out to the wonderful warming afternoon:

"Hallelujah!!!!I think I'm ready for a BEER, y'all!!!!"

Which is why this month's Friday in the 'Fonte (FITF) event put on by the good folks at Downtown Bellefonte Inc is looking like the absolute perfect place to unofficially welcome REAL SPRING. The kind that offers up comfortable weather and lifted spirits and the bright promise of trips to the lake and picnics and summer love right around the proverbial corner. Not that fake spring crap that comes in March or early April. That stuff is just winter lying to your face. This is the real deal now. We're in it. And yeah, maybe the superstitious among us still have like 8 more weeks to go until we feel kind of safe taking the snow shovels off the porch and back into the garage, but whatever. Spring is real. And she has arrived.

That beer?

Oh yeah, I didn't forget.

Central to this month's FITF is Clearfield's Race Street Brew Works bringing their local small-batch beers to a very special pop-up event called...duh...Race Street Brew Works Pop-up in Bellefonte. Hosted by Bellefonte small business community stalwarts, 3twenty Design and Hello Social, this will be a chance to sample a much-needed Friday beer all while getting to meet some new friends. Or you can just drink your brewski in the corner and pretend to stare at stuff on the walls like I usually do. Either way: do not miss it. Head to 3twenty9 Design's digs at 221 W. High Street and you're golden.

That's just the tip of the spring iceberg here, too, people. Check all this out.

You know Alleycat Quiltworks, Barbara Dann's love song of a shop dedicated to all things quilting...including TEACHING you how to do it?!?! Well, once again Barbara has come up with a tremendous idea to help welcome the better weather and moods that we've all been craving for what seems like forever. If you come by the shop at 107 E High St anytime during FITF hours (3pm-8pm), you can learn all about creating a notoriously difficult quilt known somewhat ominously as Storm At Sea. The thing is though, Barbara- who is a well-respected quilting educator in wide circles- has figured out a much easier way to tackle this sucker without wanting to fling yourself out an open spring window. And she has that special energy that makes learning something incredibly enjoyable.

"Storm at Sea is a traditional quilt that was very difficult to make," she recently explained to me. "I'll be demonstrating a new way of making the Storm at Sea quilt that is easier and more fun. The design possibilities are endless."

Why this particular quilt though, I wondered?

"I love this quilt because although it's all straight seams there is the illusion of curves. There will be a design wall and the fabric pieces so anyone can come in and design a Storm at Sea quilt! And there will also be a table with the Storm at Sea pattern and colored pencils and markers for more design fun! Quilters and non-quilters (we call them not yet quilters!) will enjoy stopping at Alleycat Quiltworks on Friday. Plus, we have a great view of downtown Bellefonte!"

So come down and learn how create something breathtaking.

What else is happening? Glad you asked. A lot.

Confer's Jewelers at 100 N Allegheny St is offering up a very-limited Bellefonte Court House charm for your charm bracelet or necklace. If you've never been into Confer's, this is a really perfect day or evening to check them out. They're as close to an institution as the downtown Bellefonte business community has, to be honest. With over 35 years of being located in town, Confer's has played a massive role in Centre County love and marriage for a long long time. And they wouldn't want it any other way either.

"Our town is beautiful," says Monteca Confer, who carries on the family name in the jewelry business. "I've traveled all over the world and still think Bellefonte is one of the pretties towns I've ever seen. You can be a part of a charming historical and local experience and you don't have to travel far from home. We have the most amazing, caring, kind, supportive clients you could ever hope or pray for."

So pop in and see what Confer's multi-talented team can do for you. Plus, guess what, beer lovers? Confer's is the place to get a glass to sample the brews from the pop-up with Race Street Brew Works. can get a sample draft beer pour from The Governors Pub too.

More? You bet.


Here's an updated list. Remember Friday in the Fonte is THIS Friday, April 26th, from 3-8pm.

Here's a look at just some of the things you'll find during Friday in the 'Fonte:

- Newly opened Bonfatto's Italian Market and Corner Cafe will be offering $1.00 espresso, $2.50 cappuccino and $1.75 single scoop ice cream

- Brazilian Munchies will be serving up the good stuff to the masses on Dunlop Street next to Bella Vino Wine Bar from noon to 7:30p.m. They're even giving out a sample of churros with every purchase.

- Good Intent Cider will have a small batch cider release.

- Alleycat Quiltworks is hosting a "Bucket List" quilt event. See the details here.

- Bella Vino Wine Bar & Tapas will be featuring $1.00 off wine and cocktails.

- At Victorian House Antiques & Estate Jewelry, get 15% OFF when you purchase with cash or check.

- Cool Beans Coffee and Tea will have a $5 all-day breakfast special, that includes a 12oz coffee and a breakfast sammie. They're open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m.

- At Co2 - The Unique Boutique, pick an egg for a percentage off your regularly priced purchase.

- Plumb's Drug Store is offering 25 percent off of a regularly priced gift shop purchase.

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