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Summer Sounds Concert Spotlight: Lindy Sisters Channel 1940's Wartime Harmony


Talleyrand Park Bellefonte, PA 16823

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By Serge Bielanko

You might not know this, but every year Central Pennsylvania is on the receiving end of an exclusive little musical tour from way out west. I'm talking about The Lindy Sisters, a California-based vocal trio whose World War II era songs and stylings have been enchanting veterans, their families, and just about anyone else who loves a good song sung really really well. And as it turns out, Bellefonte is kind of lucky this year. The trio have family ties in our area and so they always make it a point to come here once a year for a string of shows.

Which means they've sort of become an adopted hometown favorite in a lot of places around here. One look at their extensive list of past gigs reveals that they've hit a whole lot of stages from Lock Haven to Bellefonte and beyond.

And this Sunday, June 23, they'll be closing their Pennsylvania tour out with a very special Bellefonte show. As part of Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association's Summer Sounds Concert Series, the Lindy Sisters will take the stage of the landmark gazebo in Talleyrand Park for a show that is probably going to have a lot of people closing their eyes and remembering a bygone time in that certain magical way that only music can conjure up.

Reminiscent of The Andrews Sisters, whose ultra-tight harmonies made them superstars in the 1940's, the Lindy Sisters offer up songs steeped in the boogie-woogie and swing sound that came to define American music during the Great War. They sing songs that once made soldiers far from home hopeful for the day they'd return; songs their sweethearts and parents and friends back in the States listened to on the radio at night, fingers crossed for the best at a time when so many were lost forever.

In a lot of ways, The Lindy Sisters are a museum of song updated to fit our much more modern but no less chaotic world. These are strange times in American, times defined by tragic divisiveness and a savage undercurrent of us versus them where none ought to exist. So when three California ladies fly across the vast nation to sing songs that once helped unite us and realize that we are all, as Americans- and much more importantly- as human beings, as citizens of Planet Earth- way more alike than we are different, well, I reckon that we should probably do our best to get out and hear them.

They are a long way from home. They are here to make us smile, maybe make us get up and Jitterbug a bit.

But they are also here to teach us a little something about ourselves.

Just like the best songs always do.


BHCA Summer Sounds Presents: The Lindy Sisters.
Sunday, June 23rd. 7pm
Talleyrand Park Gazebo, Bellefonte.
If it rains concerts are held in St John Luther Church (216 McAllister Street)

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