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TriYoga sheds some light on what happens inside the sunshine-yellow space on West High St.

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214 W. High St Bellefonte, PA 16823



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What do the mailman, the pizza shop owner and the registered nurse have in common? They all live or work in Bellefonte, and they’re all asking questions about TriYoga Bellefonte on High Street.

If you’ve stopped at the traffic light in front of Dam Donuts or strolled by our studio during Victorian Christmas, you’ve probably peeked inside. Maybe you’re wondering what goes on in the space with the sunshine-yellow wall and the purple blocks.

We answer all your questions below. When you’re done reading, sign up for our 5 for $25 Bellefonte Sampler—on sale now through Dec 23.

Looks like a lot of stretching. What makes it yoga?

When you move your body, it’s exercise. When you also focus your mind, it’s yoga. Our practice creates strength, flexibility and stamina, while simultaneously building a longer, more expansive breath. You’re helping your body, but you’re also learning how to feel more ease in the world.

I don’t own yoga pants and I’ve never done yoga.

We believe every body can do yoga. We love beginners, and offer modifications that will help you find joy in this practice. As for your clothes? As long as you can move comfortably, we don’t care what you wear.

I own lots of yoga pants, but this yoga seems too slow for me.

The desire to move fast and work hard is deeply entrenched in our society, but we don't want to operate this way all the time. The body and mind are meant to exist in a relaxed state, which promotes health and healing. Many of us have forgotten how to move into that state consciously. At TriYoga, we teach people how to breathe deeply, move with relaxation, and pay attention to the moment. For some people, that is harder than a push-up or forward bend because it requires changing the mind, but it is well worth the effort. Life unfolds with better health, more energy, a calmer mind and fewer obstacles. Or maybe we just feel a little bit happier waking up to go to work the next day. That's great too.

I'm not looking to slow down. I just want to exercise.

Try an upper level class on Wednesday evening or Saturday morning or schedule a private session tailored to your needs. Whatever your goal, learning how to take a deep, conscious breath is a building block for living well. The practice will meet you wherever you are.

How do I start?

We have all the mats and props you’ll need. Check our schedule, sign up for a free trial class or purchase our Bellefonte Drop-in Sampler, and come to class. We’ll take care of the rest.

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