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Where Do We Want Bellefonte to Go?: A Series to Explore the Future of Our Town


Bellefonte , Pennsylvania 16823

Admit it. There's something in the air around here, isn't there? It's not necessarily a new vibe; there's been an underlying electricity pinging around town for the last year or so, but still. It's becoming stronger, more apparent.

You can sense it in the new small businesses opening all around town.

You can recognize it in all the events that keep happening, and in the spirit of the people making those events happen.

Homes are on and off of the market in a matter of days.

Bellefonte kids seem happier lately.

Heck, even the Talleyrand ducks appear to have a fresh sparkle in their eye, a look that has nothing to do with the fact that you're standing there holding half a loaf of stale bread either.

Okay, okay, maybe the ducks thing is a stretch. And maybe your kids are making you nuts this summer, so you're rolling your eyes at the notion that they're somehow 'happier' due to some kind of kooky magic in the air. But you get what I'm getting at, right? Fact is: Bellefonte is a happening place these days. And there's more change coming down the pike. A lot more. Because that's how towns survive. They roll with the changes and grow and prosper. Or they roll up the sidewalks and die the swift death that resistance brings.

You don't have to travel too far to witness what I'm talking about. Central Pennsylvania is home to many towns whose spirit perished long ago. Boarded-up windows, no where to eat, the slow silence of nothing happening and nothing gonna happen anytime soon flapping down Main Street like a ghost of better days gone by. You know the towns I'm talking about. We don't need to name names.

How does Bellefonte never go that way?

And on that very same note… where should Bellefonte be going? What do you hope and dream about for this town?

Is there a way to make everyone happy AND keep Bellefonte alive and prospering?

These are the types of questions that those of us at are looking at today. We are working on a series of articles entitled Where Do We Want Bellefonte to Go? and it might just end up being our most important work yet. Because this is the question that we all need to think about. For you, for your kids, and for your neighbors and their kids, too.

We're excited to be delving into the idea of the future of Bellefonte! The possibilities are endless and real change and direction can come from these kinds of civil, all-inclusive community roundtables. Which is exactly what we hope these articles will be. We'll need your voice, your ideas.

Will you help us?

Will you be a part?

Maybe you can start by spreading the word on Facebook and Instagram, so that your friends and neighbors know this is happening. Soon, we'll begin to pose a single question at a time on social media regarding the future of Bellefonte. Your thoughts will be crucial to making these articles mean something.

Because they can mean something, you know.

Voices collide and mingle and end up dreaming together. It sounds hokey, I know, but it's not.

That's how the best towns work.

It just is.

We can't wait.

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