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Why DBI's 'Bellefonte Under the Lights' was SOLD OUT Again


Dowtown Bellefonte, PA 16823

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By Serge Bielanko

This Friday night, September 6th, will find Bellefonte's waterfront walkway looking like a gigantic wedding reception again. But don't be fooled: no one is getting married. Downtown Bellefonte Inc. (DBI) is hosting their second annual Bellefonte Under the Lights event, and it's been sold-out since...well, since tickets went on sale, pretty much.

In a matter of hours DBI moved upwards of 800 tickets, which is about double what they sold last year. But last year was a sell-out too, you see. So there's a pattern developing here, I'd say. People want in on this thing. And they're willing to purchase tickets the moment they go on it was Springsteen or the Pope.

The progressive dinner format worked last year and so it's back again in 2019. Lucky ticket holders show up at the Waterfront Walkway, right near the Lamb Street Bridge. There, they receive their vouchers for an appetizer, a main course, a dessert, and a craft beverage all cooked or brewed up by a local Bellefonte small business. Last year's cast of chefs, brewers, and distillers on hand included a who's who of Centre County foodie All-Stars. Everyone from Big Spring Spirits to Bello Vino Winery to Brazilian Munchies and more. At dusk, the bistro lights strung along Spring Creek illuminate the long communal dinner tables. It's a fairy tale scene in a very real town.

And it's fabulous night to be a part of.

So listen, if you happened to get shut out this year, don't worry. You can always kayak downstream and sneak in.

Or maybe not, I don't know. Next year though, you can get tickets next year if you're on the ball and ready when they go on sale. Follow DBI's Facebook page for regular updates. Tickets for 2020 will likely go on sale in June, 2020. Yeah, yeah: I know that seems like a long way away, but trust me on this one.

It will sell out.



So plan ahead and don't miss this magic night anymore, okay?

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