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Spotlight Attractions


Amongst the Victorian buildings lining downtown and the historic mansions throughout the borough, you'll find that Bellefonte offers year-round entertainment and endless opportunities for visitors and residents alike. The history buff, stamp collector, artist, shopper, angler and park enthusiast will all be satisified. Explore the history, events and experiences that keep people coming back to Bellefonte.

  • Philatelicext

    American Philatelic Research Library

    With over 32,000 members worldwide, the American Philatelic Society is nationally headquartered right here in Bellefonte, in the historically registered match factory. Stamp collectors, historians, educators, and the community alike all get to enjoy the programs and services that the APS offers. 

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    Bellefonte Art Museum for Centre County

    The Bellefonte Art Museum is located in the historically registered Linn House. The museum is very community friendly and offers a wide variety of exhibits, classes, camps, and events, both for adults and children. The art that the museum displays is hailed both from around the world and from the local community.

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    Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society

    The Bellefonte Historical Railroad Society seeks to spread the historical and current significance of railroad transportation. Presenting Fall Foliage train rides in October, the Santa Express in December, and Speeder rides in the summer; they offer exciting opportunities to experience the historical equipment and tracks first hand.

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    Bellefonte Historic District/Walking Tours

    With several listings on the National Register of Historic Places, such as; the Centre County Courthouse, the old Pennsylvania Match Factory, and the Bellefonte Armory, Bellefonte offers a unique glimpse into history.

    Victorian Bellefonte can be enjoyed and appreciated through either self-guided walking tours or periodically conducted tours by the Bellefonte Historical and Cultural Association. A historic map of the area from 1874 provides the designated stops for the tour. 

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    Centre County Courthouse

    With Bellefonte being the county seat of Centre County, the courthouse is located right downtown. It is on the National Register of Historic Places and was originally constructed in 1805. Right out front is The Soldiers and Sailors War Memorial and statue of Andrew Gregg Curtain, dedicated in 1906. In the heart of downtown, the courthouse is a Bellefonte staple.

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    Centre County Library

    The Centre County Library in Bellefonte is the headquarters of three Centre County library locations and the county bookmobile. The library is free to the public and provides lots of resources for reading and learning. 

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    Pennsylvania Room and Historical Museum

    Housed in the historic Miles-Humes house, the Pennsylvania Room and Historical Museum are part of the Centre County Library system. The Pennsylvania room specializes in state and local genealogy and historical records, while the Historical Museum is made up of different rooms specializing in Bellefonte history and different collections. 

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    Talleyrand Park

    Talleyrand Park is right in the center of Bellefonte and has a lot to offer. The park is host to several events throughout the year and there is rarely a time when it’s left unoccupied. There is lots of open space for picnicking, feeding the ducks, enjoying the weather, or going for an afternoon stroll. Spring Creek running through the park aids to the activity and charming scenery that Talleyrand Park provides to the community.