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Stream Conditions


If you’ve ever pulled on waders, tied on a fly or patiently watched for the dimple of a rise during an evening hatch, chances are you’ve heard of Spring Creek. For nearly twenty-two miles, this stream travels from natural springs near Boalsburg to its confluence with Bald Eagle Creek in Milesburg. But it’s the five miles of blue ribbon water that flow near Bellefonte that have put Spring Creek on the map and made it a must-fish destination for anglers from across the nation who come to cast for the wild browns that thrive in its waters.

Through the years, Spring Creek has suffered as the towns around it grew. But through special regulations and great care, the trout lived on and the fishermen continue to come and spend a day on what has been recognized as one of Pennsylvania’s finest wild trout streams.

Local Stream Conditions Provided by TCO Fly Fishing

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